Long Way Down

Leon – Vocals
Hans – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jildert – Guitar
Mark – Bass
Erwin- Drums

Ferocious guitar riffs, catchy melodies taken from national gold reserves, the energy of an out-of-control particle accelerator, vocal harmonies to die for…
Pop punk / punk rock band Long Way Down delivers the goods on their third record ‘Empty Hearts & Get-Well Cards’. Drawing influences from the likes of Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Pulley and Bayside, seven heart-wrenching and energetic songs have been pumped out to leave you wanting more. Formed in Groningen in 2006, they immediately started to gain a following in The Netherlands as well as abroad, thanks to their hyper-kinetic live performances, sharing the stage with bands like Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream and This Is A Standoff.
With the release of ‘Empty Hearts & Get-Well Cards’, Long Way Down’s fan base is about to grow even stronger. Long Way Down? Short Way Up might have been a better name!

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