Edward In Venice

FOTOBAND_WEBFilippo Greganti – Vocals
Andrea Pasquini – Drums
Luca Bartoli – Bass
Jiang Lee – Guitar / Vocals
Alessandro Mari – Guitar / Backing Vocals



Edward In Venice – started in 2011 – from Pesaro, Italy is no stranger to fans of melodic hardcore punk. With a full length “Muori” and an EP “A Heart That Doesn’t Bleed” under the belt, the band has done a number of tours through Europe, Canada and the UK, and is – at time of release of 2nd ep “Howler” about to hit Japan for another tour, and has played succesful sets at established festivals as Groezrock and Overdrive Fest.

The new EP “Howler” that will be out on May 16th 2015 shows that the band is more than ever ready to claim their spot as a well-oiled live machine that delivers there melodic punkrock combined with furious hardcore riffs with a passion and tightness that is unique. The EP will be released by a handful of labels that will cover the entire world. Showing the band is not only loved in their home country, but can count on support and fans all over the world.

Check out the participating labels below!

NoReason Records / Italy
Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio / United States
Less Talk, More Records / Canada
White Russian Records / Holland
Lockjaw Records / UK
Milestone Sounds / Japan

White Russian Releases
2015 – Howler - Album page – Buy CD

Other Releases
2012 – Muori
2014 – A Heart That Doesn’t Bleed


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